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Cube Route was formed in June 2008 with a Management Buy-Out of the then, Iams South Africa. Comprised of the company’s leadership team of Wendy Fisher, Dr Sarah Miller and Bruce Tiley, with more than 43 years of experience in the industry between them, Procter and Gamble, holding company of the company (then known as Iams SA) wholeheartedly endorsed the MBO to a team who according to the European leaders ‘know and understand the market dynamics better than we could ever purport to from abroad’. The MBO was swift and transition seamless as essentially nothing much changed except the name. Or did it? With the history and backing of a large corporate giant like Mars behind it and the dynamic vision of the experienced trio at the helm, Cube Route has gone from strength to strength, building its permanent headcount and taking positive volume growth year on year despite a hard-hitting, worldwide recession co-inciding with the launch of the Cube Route entity. New alliances were formed and without the usual constraints of the large multinational, strategic moves to keep volumes growing and managing resources more efficiently led to superb sets of financials in the first 5 years of trading. Cube Route, as a large multi-million rand business, offers a wide range of premium nutrition products to dogs and cats through the sought-after Iams and Eukanuba ranges. Smaller divisions distribute and sell Welch Allyn, S&B medVet and Dogma brands to veterinarians.



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With the brands available in close to 800 outlets in South Africa, stock holding space limitations at most outlets is the barrier to keeping product levels up to match fluctuating daily demand for them. Enter multiple deliveries via a fleet of 30 trucks which take place on a daily basis to replenish depleted shelves. Order entry process up to 10 000 invoices per month. All invoices are then processed through Cube Route’s IT infrastructure and a full team swings into action to essentially ensure same day delivery in JHB, KZN, CT and within 48 hours for outlying areas. Cube Route head office in the Fourways hub of JHB, is a busy yet relaxed environment where people are encouraged to bring their pets to work. As to the unusually pet-friendly work environment, Dr Miller comments, “We have 2 vets in head office, a heap of vet nurses and over 20 people who are all pet friendly working here.



With over 250 people committed to enhancing the well being of dogs and cats, the business is supported by an extensive logistics network covering all 9 provinces and reaching all city outlets within 24 hours. ‘’No area is off the map. Having the right people and partners with the passion to provide the delivery service at levels we strive for is absolutely a non-negotiable for us’ says Bruce Tiley, who also heads up logistics and operations. ‘’We recognize that people are an asset and that their knowledge and skills base contribute to the relationship we enjoy with our customers and pet owners on a daily basis’’.



Cube Route has working partnerships with Mars Petcare, Welch Allyn, S&B medVet and Dogma. All top quality brands at the forefront of their respective market sectors. Memberships of ethical and trusted organisations such as the PFI (Pet Food Institute) and working together with various groups such as the EWT (Endangered Wildlife Trust), Paws for People, ThinkingPets Training Center and various leading pharmaceutical companies adds an extra dimension to Cube Route’s ability to forge new ventures and tap into alternative resources. “We often achieve faster success through close collaboration with partners who share a common vision and complement our strengths’’ says Wendy Fisher, ‘’From a strategic perspective, when we share goals with others, we redefine our own limitations and all move forward because added stimulation results when a new environment is formed through collaboration – or simply put, when we work well with others, we all benefit ”. This viewpoint provides a natural platform for Cube Route to foray into new markets such as export into the rest of the African continent and Indian Ocean islands. Primarily focused on the SA market, a more recently formed export division propels the company forward. Bruce Tiley shares the trio’s export vision: ‘We want to take these market leading, scientifically proven premium nutrition and vet medical equipment brands and develop markets in previously untapped African countries. In so doing, we enhance the quality of life for as many dogs and cats as we can, and fulfill a much oft requested need from vets and pet owners living there – it’s the natural next step and we’re already showing excellent results in some of the new markets we’ve identified’.



Cube Route’s management team is committed to ethical business practice and shares a vision for a company which comprises diversity, respects employment equity and provides a platform for people who want to come to work each day and contribute. ‘’‘A cornerstone of excellence’ is our mantra and a business process that is logical, fair and ethical, is easy for anyone to understand. That really is what we are about’’ says Dr Sarah Miller.



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Extraordinary Nutrition

We believe dogs and cats are extraordinary animals. Retaining all the features true to their wild counterparts including incredible senses, supreme agility and lightning reactions, they truly are amazing. That’s why, as a leader in tailored nutrition and science since 1969, Eukanuba has strived to develop the very best in specialised dog and cat nutrition.

Our thorough understanding of dogs and cats, combined with a thirst for innovation and scientific knowledge, has enabled us to deeply understand the dietary needs of today’s domestic dog and cat. From these learnings we have developed a range of 100% complete and balanced super premium diets tailored for age and lifestyle. We believe such extraordinary animals deserve extraordinary nutrition.

Iams cat proactive health

The Iams brand represents the optimal combination of nutrition, palatability and price. All products contain high quality animal-based protein. Iams Proactive Health provides complete and balanced nutrition for every life stage and life style.

The top quality animal proteins and animal fats used in Iams nutrition give our products a special taste. Because our products contain the optimal balance of vitamins and minerals, there is no need to add any supplements to the food. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives are added. Iams cat nutrition has also been formulated to support urinary tract health and minimise the risk of struvite urolithiasis by promoting low levels of magnesium.


Innovative technologies and patented components

Since 1998 we have been specialising in the development, manufacturing and distribution of medical systems and appliances for veterinary medical purposes in small pets, horses and wild life.

We operate on an international scale. We provide scientific and technical assistance to physicians, veterinarians, physiotherapists, research and development centres and specialised industrial and commercial customers. It is our aim to optimise therapy, diagnostics and medical treatment through medical technology.

Cube Route (Pty) Ltd Preferred Veterinary Partner in South Africa

Cube Route (Pty) Ltd are the preferred distributors of Welch Allyn products to Veterinarians within Southern Africa. You can purchase both new equipment and replacement consumables such as batteries, bulbs, etc. through your existing Cube Route (Pty) Ltd account.

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The healthy way to feed your best friend

This product is proudly South African, has a stylish design and is made of food grade high impact ABS. It is based on German research and technology and of outstanding quality. The DOGMA Slow Feed Bowl is the best quality dog bowl on the market! The DOGMA Food or Water bowl is of the same quality.